Who is this guy?

Charlie is a Scottish social anthropologist currently in the process of writing a PhD at the University of Cologne. This involves two massive shakeups, moving first to Germany, then to the field site in Namibia, then back to Germany again, whereupon he will probably find himself to have forgotten every bit of German he’d picked up before he left. He’ll be in Namibia from September 2014 until September 2015, and will blog about his experience trying to get anthropological data on knowledge from hunter-gatherers in the North of Namibia, then blogging about tearing his hair out trying to get the data down on paper.

He had until December 2016 to do this. He did not succeed.

In the early part of 2017, think January/February, he accepted a two-month exchange placement at the University of Kyoto, giving him two months’ extra time on it as well as something new to blog about.

In March he might settle down in Edinburgh again with his lovely girlfriend, and blog about more anthropological topics. His new years’ resolution for 2017 was to be a Doctor of Anthropology by the end of the year. Now he’s told you that, it’ll definitely happen.

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